Photos above are from 2 different apartments.

Application for Rent

12 1/2 E State Street • Algona, Iowa

It is very important that all information is filled in as much as possible. Any apartment that is rented has no affiliation with the businesses: The Chocolate Season / Bloom Floral & Home Boutique / Bradley Jensen Photography.  The property owners use this online form as a secure passage of your information only.  Please email us if you have any questions with this form.

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We accept cats. Any others need approval.
Understand that the businesses occupied within this building have an Iowa code and law that does NOT allow smoking on premises within or around this building. This includes all hallways and apartments.
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Name / Phone # / Relationship
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Applicant represents that statements made above are true and correct and hereby authorizes verification of references and agrees to furnish additional credit references upon request. Applicant authorizes property owner to obtain a credit report if necessary.