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Although my major in college was geared towards Commercial Photography, Wedding Photography is what I always wanted to do. My love for meeting new people and photographing their love for one another just seems to be my passion in life!

I have many packages (starting from $2100) to choose from using the link below.  Each package is easily customizable, so don't stress if you don't know exactly what you'd like at the moment. All wedding packages include digital files that may be used towards printing and sharing on social media and most packages naturally include an engagement session along with studio credit.  Please shoot me a message to say hi and I'd be happy to send you access to the wedding package page!

I'm happy to sit down in person, over email or on the phone to figure out what a easy-flowing timeline for your day would be. From that and a few questions, we can all figure out what would probably work out best for your needs. Weddings can be tricky in planning (if you haven't already figured that out!), so please let me help you!  Currently I've been part of over 300 weddings, so honestly I've seen a lot of things work out beautifully and then, maybe some things that could have used some help!


Engagement Photos

This is a tough one... I think an engagement session is my favorite kind of session at the moment!  I THRIVE on finding new locations.  So knowing that, every session is designed around the couple right beforehand and its the perfect time for us to "get to know each other" and to have fun making awesome photos!  An engagement session tends to last around 90-120 minutes and generally I like to take you to 15-20 unique spots.  In my perfect world, I like to see the guys having 2 outfits and the girls having 2-3 outfits. If you need help figuring out how to match (but not match) with each other...just let me know, I'd be happy to help!

Here's some photos...gosh, lets start taking photos :)


Family Photos

Everyone grows up too quickly it seems like in this busy world! One of the greatest ways to remember your wonderful family is to get family photos. Trust me, family photos can be fun, quick and quite honestly....painless.

Photos may be taken on location at your home, farm, vacation spot, parks and many other areas.

Most of my sessions are 30 minutes long and starting at $125. Digital options, Prints and Products are available of course!


 Are you on vacation in Okoboji, Spirit Lake or the Clear Lake, Iowa area?  Make sure to give us a call/email to reserve a spot! A small travel fee will apply.

High School / Senior Photos

I'll be honest...I used to be worried about taking these types of photos. You're probably wondering why!?  Well, I used to think that I needed to offer out "cheesy" photos inside a studio...and really that just didn't jive with what I wanted to do. I've shot LOTS of studio photography and I believe there's a time and place for that...just not in senior photos. So I didn't do much with Seniors, because that's what I thought the world wanted.

Around 2010 I really wanted to offer out Senior photos again, so I did. This time though, it would only be for people with the same interests while having a great time outside and taking photos. Thankfully I wasn't alone...turns out many of you think the same as me, so thanks! 


      When I was young, I had always had an "obsession" with cameras and photos.  Relatives and friends didn’t seem to recognize me unless I had a camera in hand.  That "obsession" grew into a passion and that passion merged with the love I had for people and the moments they create everyday. 

      In 2002 I stumbled onto wedding photography as a favor for close friends.  I enjoyed the day so much and my friends loved the photos. It was then I realized my passion for documenting a person’s life.  As the years progressed I developed a personal style that's all about capturing the emotions of a wedding.

      A wedding is a significant milestone in a person’s life.  It can run smoothly or have a couple bumps in it, but my goal is to document everything that makes your day special and unique; from the flower girl giggling under the table at the reception, to the moment the groom first lays eyes on his bride.  My photos encompass everything from traditional family shots to impromptu moments that will later turn into fond memories.

      My favorite part of being a wedding photographer is sharing the excitement of your wedding.  I love doing weddings because that day is full of love, love between husband and wife and the families that surround them.  Each wedding is different and I feel privileged to take a glance into someone’s life and help them remember all the details that make that day their own.

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