Reserve • Engagement Session


Reserve • Engagement Session


Please CONTACT Bradley Jensen first to view available dates/times. This area is used to reserve your date/time. The package is shown below, however we only ask for a $50 deposit towards your package to reserve your date. If the weather looks a little crazy, no problem...let's just set up a new time within the next couple of weeks!  Sorry, this is non-refundable.

Engagement Session - $ 300
Custom On-line proofing for friends & family
Session generally creates around 45-70 unique proofs
Outdoor session normally lasts around 1 1/2 to 2 hours,
depending on where we go!


NOTE: Please understand that in some circumstances there are many folks that are offered the same date(s) and a reservation is given to the first person who submits their deposit for a given date. If your reservation comes in after someone else, your card can be refunded if another date doesn’t work out for you.  Thanks for understanding & very excited to meet you! Final Payment is due on the day of the session via Check (preferred) or Cash. Travel fees and/or taxes may apply.

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